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In ProgressSupply line fix in 1.1 interacts strangely with old saves

khaltepkhaltep Registered Users Posts: 1
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I know patches often mess with saves, but this one strikes me as big enough and odd enough to note it here. When I load a lategame Cathay file (attached), I see my upkeep increased by an amount approximately consistent with all of my disbanded lords contributing to supply lines -- I have 14 active and 13 disbanded lords, and am paying a little under 200% upkeep for units in the army of a lord without upkeep reduction skills, which is consistent with being charged for 27 supply lines depending on when my upkeep reduction technologies are applied. This wasn't what I was experiencing before the patch -- I have a couple lords that I'd disbanded in there, but the majority of the 13 were lords who were disbanded at the time of confederation, and so hadn't been contributing to supply lines under the pre-patch status quo.

At the same time, however, my early game Kislev campaign seems to be fine: the only lord I've actually recruited is a Boyar, currently level 8 but disbanded, but I also confederated Brotherhood of the Bear, and disbanded their faction leader, while also receiving 3 additional disbanded boyars. My Kossars cost 115 in upkeep, 1.04 times their base cost, consistent with the behavior of the old supply line bug, but not with what I'm seeing in my Cathay save -- based on the Cathay save, I'd expect to be paying 20% extra upkeep in the Kislev save, as I have 3 disbanded lords. I tried re-recruiting a disbanded lord in the Kislev file, to see if perhaps what I was seeing was an edge case related to having zero supply lines in the interface, and I got the behavior I expected from prepatch, but not what I'm now seeing in the Cathay file: my supply lines in the interface went up to 2, but I was paying for 3.

This isn't a huge deal for me: I'm very pleased with the patch changes overall, and was more or less done with the Cathay campaign anyway. The inconsistency is confusing to me, though, and I imagine this is a huge bummer for players who did have long term campaigns that are now ruined. I know fixes don't apply to old saves, but this seems more like a case of a patch changing how a bug functions, which is quite odd to me.

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  • arthurhzuoarthurhzuo Registered Users Posts: 2
    I had the same issue. Cathay army upkeep increased by 20,000+ in a late game.
  • QuellanQuellan Registered Users Posts: 9
    Same issue. Late game, 7 armies so an expected increase of (7-1)*4=24 %. Almost all of my lords have -17% cost reduction, so we expect a total increase of 7% and I see the following prices:

    winged lancers: 286 (increase of 35%) while the expected is 212*1.07 = 227
    Streltsy: 338 (increase of 35%) expected 205 * 1.07 = 267.5
    little grom: 420 (increase of 20%) expected 350*1.07 = 374.5
    war bear riders: 500 (increase of 25%) expected 400*1.07 = 428.

    Also notable that even though Tzarina Katarin does not have the last rank of quartermaster, she pays slightly less for war bear rides and little groms than Kostaltyn who does.

    The 50% reductions from Tzarina Katarin and Boris also don't seem to be applying in the way one would expect.
  • QuellanQuellan Registered Users Posts: 9
    Just want to add a note that I personally would be happy with having the previous version available through Steam Betas so I could finish my campaign.
  • QuellanQuellan Registered Users Posts: 9
    Update on this, I believe the root cause is actually double counting more than disbanded armies. It seems like pre 1.1 supply lines increases were attached to the army generals, and post 1.1 they were attached to the armies themselves. But the supply lines increases attached to the army generals weren't removed and so you have to pay double supply lines for armies that had a general (read lord) that was created pre 1.1.

    I ended up writing a mod to mitigate the problem here:


    The mod description explains why it's a mitigation and not a full solution.

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