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User Info RequiredMiao ying stuck in the air (dragon form)

serguxsergux Registered Users Posts: 5
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Miao ying stuck in the air (dragon form)
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  • serguxsergux Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited April 2022
    Ok i will try to find a replay of that anyway(I'm Spanish sorry for my English) I can describe what she's doing she was fighting against ogres in a typical ball of enemies then I used the ability to transform her to dragon in a map of Catai I don't remember the map name is one with a river
    in the left and a forest in the middle and a female statue on the right side of that map. I saw before this same bug in other map it happens in multiplayer too I was playing Tzeentch and my friend Catai with that Lord and same result, he can't move that Lord in the air. I think this bug is not difficult to replicate :)
  • serguxsergux Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited April 2022
    I know this isn't the right place but is the closest I've been to devs. I posted before without successful a thread about an idea...
    Can we have something like practice mode in league of leguends for this total war warhammer 3? For multiplayer/tournament/content purposes.
    I miss things like enemy army control, no lords needed, unliimited magic, spells/abilities cooldown refresh, spawn any unit on the go,no hp loss, etc.
    Every time i training my skills and knowledge i waste a lot of time with the AI, loading times, changing faction and units,
    I'm a experienced eSports player/trainer and unknown live streamer with enthusiasm for collaborate with one of my favourite franchise .Thanks :D
  • steam_164779002649p9vM08dsteam_164779002649p9vM08d Registered Users Posts: 4
    Hello, i´d like to point that i had a similar issue while playing Campaign with Mao Ying during one of the Survival Battles getting one demon soul. Each time she transformed into a dragon stayed stuck in the air doing nothing. Transforming back to human allowed to regain control over her. I tried it a few times during the battle with same result. It didn´t happen again after that battle.

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