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User Info Required"Renowned & Feared" +1 nurgle recruit rank is not working

BomjusBomjus Registered Users Posts: 24
edited April 2022 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
playing as legion of chaos. lord in question is an exalted great unclean one. my nurgle units are being recruited at rank 6, when they should be recruited at rank 7 (6 from glory rewards, 1 from renowned and feared). https://imgur.com/a/VYUZI4g
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  • BomjusBomjus Registered Users Posts: 24
    the 10:04 PM save is a vanilla daemon prince save showcasing the skill not working. i have an exalted great unclean one in fort straghov who has the skill, but still recruits nurgle units at rank 6 when they should be recruited at rank 7

    the 10:06 PM save is another vanilla save, this time though it's one of my campaigns where i dedicated to khorne. i am attaching this to showcase that the version of renowned & feared that the exalted bloodthirsters have and how it provides +1 recruit rank for ALL units, and it works properly.

    also, i do not have a vanilla save to prove this unfortunately, but in my current extremely lightly modded campaign which contains mods that do not affect ancillaries at all, the "preacher of decay" ancillary does not provide a factionwide +2 recruit rank bonus to plaguebearers/exalted plaguebearers.

    if preacher of decay and renowned & feared worked properly, i could be recruiting my plaguebearers at rank 9. which is why this bug bothered me enough to make a support post about it lol.
  • BomjusBomjus Registered Users Posts: 24
    this bug is still in the game. 5 months after i reported it and provided save files :smile:

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