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Known IssueInstantly Rebuild Fortifications

AshreonAshreon Registered Users Posts: 10
edited April 2022 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
As a player you have to deal with a 2min cooldown after a Barricade or a Tower is broken in a settlement battle (be that minor or major) and a 1min rebuild timer.

However, the AI can circumvent this and rebuild barricades and towers immediately.

At this point I'm uncertain if this is an actual bug or intentional, in either case it has the consequence that fighting against the AI in their settlement feel like a slog. It also lead to some rather.. unexpected behaviours in which:
1. A tower that is being rebuild whilst the cooldown should be in effect, can be attacked while it is being built.
2. A tower that is being rebuild whilst the cooldown should be in effect can be invisible - if this is the case, it cannot be destroyed while being rebuild
3. A tower that is being rebuild whilst the cooldown should be in effect, cannot be attacked as the remnants of the previous tower blocks you from targetting it - flashing as if it is being build for the first time.

If it is a bug:
- Then it should be treated as a critical bug and slated for a fix with the next patch.

If it is intentional:
- Modders need to be able to turn off this cheat, currently we cannot.
- Towers should behave uniformly ie. no invisible towers and no old remnant blocking you from attacking the rebuilding tower.

Preferably, I think it is in the best interest of Warhammer 3 that this is treated as a bug and the AI follows the same rules as the player as it feels... bad that you destroy a fortifications just to see it being rebuild immediately - it takes away any sense of strategy. I do understand why people feel like they're playing against a railgun turret AI in settlement battles, as that is essentially what ends up happening.
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