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Kislev Atamans can be drafted as Lords, but can not be returned to their positions as Atamans

SergioMorozovSergioMorozov Registered Users Posts: 42
Basically as per title.

Player can hire a new Ataman-Boyar from 4 choice-list as "Ataman", then draft him as a "Lord", but there is no apparent way to make such Ataman-Boyar to govern a province again after he is disbanded from being a "Lord".

So, either, there should be no way to draft Ataman-Boyar as a "Lord" or, preferrably, once disbanded from army such character should be in the Atamans-for-hire pool on the Atamans screen.

Also there is no way to remove an "Ataman" from his position (barring drafting him or getting him killed in a siege battle).

Also Ataman-Boyars do not get XP and have no access to inventory when being "Atamans", but when they are "Lords", they do get XP and have inventory access.


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