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Heroes get too many skill points, cannot spend them all

HaiphongHaiphong Registered Users Posts: 68
edited April 20 in Feedback & Suggestions
CA, did you mean to give them an extra 10 skill points in patch 1.1?
*Edit*: Correction, I missed in the patch notes that you did indeed mean to give them 10 extra skill points. But guys... You forgot to give them skills to pout those points in :'D

Because heroes in this game have about half as many skills as they did in previous TW: Warhammer games.
You gave them less skills and more skill points.

Now you have an Unspent Skillpoint notification every turn that will take you to your maxed out Character units.
This is really silly and doesn't need to be in the game. I think it was a mistake?

It was sort of nice to have all the skills in a way, although I'd rather have more options on how to build characters instead of a bare bones skill tree with a couple of mount options.

Please consider adding some skills to Hero trees like in your other games, or reduce the amount of skill points heroes get to => the amount of skill ranks they have, or maybe don't have a persistent notification asking you to spend skill points when there are no open ranks to spend them in.

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