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The problem with Shogun 2 and other TW games.

Shogun2Fan#6856Shogun2Fan#6856 Registered Users Posts: 55
This is a small rant but I've noticed a pattern playing FOTS and other TW games.

The pattern is... the end game it's just every AI yes even that guy with one province throwing 20 stacks at you. The games start off fun but eventually it's just stack after stack after stack. This is what most TW games are like.

You kill a stack, AI gets a new stack.

The problem with this is, there's no incentive to killing an AI stack. There's no reward; he just gets a new one 5 turns later.
It's simply boring. At least that's how it is in Shogun 2; however I guess more modern TW games do reward you for killing a stack with things like unit replenishment.

This isn't hard. I'm beating the AI over and over again. But it just never stops and at some point I realize I'm doing the same thing for 10 hours straight. Kill a stack, AI gets new stack, kill a stack, AI gets a new stack, kill a stack, AI gets a new stack; rinse and repeat for 15 hours. There needs to be a mechanic that limits how fast the AI can get a new full stack.

Late game is literally, kill a stack, wait 5 turns rinse and repeat. Not hard, not difficult, just boring.

Anyway, this is just something I've noticed playing a few TW games, particually Shogun 2 lately.


  • Phanom_757_Phanom_757_ Registered Users Posts: 2
    You might get hate for this, but I totally agree. I don't have any experience playing the newer Total war games, I've played all the games before Shogun 2. But I decided to get back into Total war, and started off with Shogun 2. And I feel the exact same way. I think what makes the problem worse in Shogun 2 is realm divide imo, especially on short campaigns, I know I can beat the game, but it's so much work and so tedious to do so.
  • Loreguy#1056Loreguy#1056 Registered Users Posts: 1,853
    All newer TW games could have some manpower system for both player and AI.
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