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Upgraded spells and lore attributes for Demon Prince

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Using Daniel as spellcaster doesnt make much sense at the moment. Yes, theoretically he can equip every "demon spell" in the game (except Kairos obviously), but this system currently suffers from various problems:

1. Higher spell costs and cooldown than upgraded spells:

Although he can now overcast his spells, which is the right way (so his items, which reduces misscast chance, now have a little use instead of none), his spells still are not completly upgraded. The cost and cooldown reduction for "mastering" a spell does not apply for the DP, which makes spell casting for himself very inefficient.

2. Lack of lore attributes:

None of his body parts grants the DP any lore attributes. Some of them are less useful (Shadow e.g.) or just "nice to have", while others can make an significant change in battle (Nurgle, Tzeentch, Death,...). Another reason for not wasting your precious WoM with the DP.

3. Spell selection is locked behind the glory system and contradicts set bonuses:

Its clear that the glory system prevents the players from choosing their favorite spells by locked body parts. This isnt that much of a problem, considering that other spellcasters also need to invest skill points (=time) to get their best spells. Though it can be troublesome if good spells are bound on poor body parts, which is also an balancing problem of the body parts.

However, its very unpleasant if you want to go for sets (which is a no-brainer considering how strong the bonuses are), but also have to live with the spells of that body parts. This is a general problem of the glory sets: Players are forced to use specific body parts, regardless of their stats and appearance, in order to get that massive army boosts.

4. Hero selection:

This point strengthens the value of the first two. Daniel has access to every Lore of Magic of the demon roster by his own hero selection (6 Lores). This gives him not only a lot of flexibility, but also better spellcasters in his own army, in comparison to himself. They can get cost and cooldown reduced spells, as well as lore attributes. Additionally theyre all proper fighters and dont need to be babysat in the last line, so they never really "waste" an army slot.


Giving Daniel upgraded spells and lore attributes solves most of the problems with minor amount of time. Especially the magic-focused Tzeentch body parts are significantly less attractive due to these problems and would get an needed buff if they are fixed.

However, to solve the problems mentioned in point 3, there are several improvements needed considering demon gift balance and set bonuses bound on specific body parts, which goes beyond the topic of this thread.
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