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Known IssueKu'gath pathfinding bug

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Playing Poxmakers campaign and am in the realm of Slaanesh doing the survival battle. noticed that Ku'gath was getting stuck trying to meet my army on way to assault the 3rd point. zooming in on him, it appears he's unable to path find over/around seeker chariots (I think thats what they're called). after messing around with him, it appears that Ku'gath is colliding with the chariot corpses and is unable to find a way around them due to how they're positioned, or the chariots collider is on by accident?

I have one small 26 second video clip showing this behavior. and a longer minute and 5 second clip showing more detailed testing i did with a different corpse (plaguebearers) to see if it behaved the same (it didn't). Not sure how to upload video to this post.

not sure if this applies to any of the other large lords or units, all of my army were able to make it to where I wanted them without issue and I'm sure plenty of them had to go through the same corpses as i usually blob up my nurgle armies.
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