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Campaign Balance: Summoning Daemons as an Army Ability

snnnffrknlin#6194snnnffrknlin#6194 Registered Users Posts: 157
edited August 2022 in Warhammer Battle Feedback
I believe this ability needs a range nerf. Just summoning daemons wherever you like is anti-fun. It is probably nice to have it playing against the AI, but as soon as the tables are turned it is horrifficly boring.

Several times I tried to replay the same battle where the "Exiles of Khorne" would summon Bloodletters on my artillery. The thing is that the best defence I could muster is placing an infantry unit on top of the artillery. Here's the thing though, they still damage the artillery unit by 25%. Some cases they even managed to destroy a Cannon. I also had several artillery units so I guess I should be glad the AI wouldn't differentiate between the Cannon units. You need to replay the battles to know that though.

So the only way is to sacrifice a melee unit from the frontline, just so they can sit on top of your artillery.

To be able to just send in units from across the map and carry out a suicide attack is not fun for the recipient. There is no real counterplay, just a hope they won't damage anything.

I suggest to make the range be based around the Lord. That way we could at least have some information on where the spawns could arrive.
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  • y4g3r#8736y4g3r#8736 Registered Users Posts: 672
    Can't say I disagree. It was a borderline ability when it was on Skaven - it really was just about the overwhelming Skaven hoardes and it really did just tie units down rather than cause significant damage.

    As daemons... It's there? I mean, every cultist has the ability, and it makes sense there, but the army ability (like tomb king's ushabti) needs to be tired to something for a ranged affected. Even if it is the Lord's corpse.
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