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Attila, a raw gem

R3loadR3load Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 47
Love this game, it's the only "old" Total War that i keep returning to and honestly it's still amazing in 2022. I remember when Rome 2 released i got bored very quickly, i thought it was uninspiring althouth i love the setting, campaign map was bland and too easy. Attila however it's truly awesome, i love the gritty atmosphere, the mechanics, the world that burns avery turn and the complexity and survival aspect of the game that it's still unmatched by newer total wars.
i think that Creative Assembly have to learn from this and make a new title based on that characteristics, Chaos on Warhammer are a joke compared to the Huns.
Hovewer I'm sad that that Attila still run very bad on a high end computer, it's not acceptable that it was left unpatched unlike Rome 2 and they made a new game based on Attila engine (thrones of britannia) that run much better.
I keep getting random crashes when i load the game, a battle and the campagin map is slow to navigate and stutters a lot.
There's no reason that this game was separated from Rome 2 when Fots was perfectly integrated in Shogun 2, i hope that they can learn from this mistake and the next historical game will be a masterpiece both in campaign map (like Atilla and Three Kingdoms) and in battles.


  • boosykesboosykes Registered Users Posts: 125
    i thought that what they were going for with warhammer 3 and i liked it. it was buggy thought and everyone seems to complain its to hard to expand so looks like they just want to ruin the game and make it total war warhammer 2 which was boring because you literally cant lose in that game it so easy. look at how much people **** because they can finally lose.
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