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[Warhammer I] Idrinth's expanded Warhammer

IdrinthIdrinth GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 1
Steam Workshop

This mod for Warhammer I is mostly uploaded for easier sharing with my multiplayer-partner. If it is fun to any of you, that'd be a nice addition. A big thank you to Algareb for helping test this and to Saano for spending time on debugging some lua weirdness.

This is still WIP!

  • Adjusted attrition values
  • Lord's leadership in aura ability also gives some xp to the armies in the region
  • Added a version of supply lines
  • Added traits for killing faction leaders
  • added traits for winner, loser and veteran generals
  • Expanded the chaos invasion a bit
  • some additional garrisons
  • larger magic pool during combat
  • better veterans
  • "removed" healing cap (maxed it to the biggest possible number)
  • adjusted drawback for large empires
Vampire Counts:
  • Bloodknights on Foot (Unit card is NOT yet done)
  • A new tech-tree focussing on improving Vampire(-lords)
  • Effects for the first tech per tree
  • No more XP or fleeing for brainless units
  • Small research bonus from vampiric taint buildings
  • increased unit sizes of Zombies and Skeletons
  • Slightly increased base armor
  • reduced unit sizes and upped base HP
  • Increased growth from tech-tiers
  • The size of a respawning horde is slightly randomized(+/-1)
  • Multiplayer can now get a wider range of horde sizes instead of only normal difficulty ones

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