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In ProgressLegendary Load Crashing

DasyLazyDasyLazy Registered Users Posts: 6
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as the title says, i'm playing a legendary campaign for over 300 hours now, and sure sometimes a crash or so would happen, but i'd just open the game and it would be fine then, but now, it crashed and it doesn't let me at all continue the game, it instantly crashes when i try to load the save file... this gives me anxiety not gonna lie

- i've tried to verify game cache, didn't work;

- i've tried to reinstall the game and do the same, didn't work;

- i got drivers all updated, and i never had this issue on the 400 hours that i've been playing the game;

- i tried loading any other save from other campaigns and even start a new campaign, all work perfectly well, just that one legendary save doesn't load.

I have no mods installed at all, neither ever had, and i didn't really add nor touched game files ever at all, everything is as default as it comes, including controls

( i read a few steps, so i'll past them here already):


v1.1.0 Build




i had a few crashes during post game battles, come to think of it, that's when i had most of the crashes, but they all worked fine after i re-open them, but this time, i sieged a settlement with an army, i forgot about which settlement, but it was the one between Path to the East / Gash Kadrak / Mountains of Mourn, they had one army on it plus garrison, but then they engaged on me, leading to a land battle, which i won and then, the game suddendly crashed on post game loading, i even took a picture of it during load before it crashed, because it was frozen on loading forever, which wasn't normal, and it always seem to crash around 20-25%, all the time whenever i try to load this save i mean, usually all others, and i mean... all of them, used to crash around 95%, this one is different


Attached (i don't know what dump file is, but if i got it right, it should be this)



- DxDiag:




- modified.log file


Useless info:

i love this game a lot, and i've been putting so many hours on this campaign, with a notebook of all the bugs, typos, good/bad things about it imo, that i intended to share to try and make this piece of art as perfect as possible, but sadly this happening now, really makes me so sad, since i have no way to get back into the save file...

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  • DasyLazyDasyLazy Registered Users Posts: 6
    will i really get no replies whatsoever.... why do i even bother
  • DasyLazyDasyLazy Registered Users Posts: 6
    i appreciate the reply, but graphics card have nothing to do with this, or else friends of mine with insanely good pcs who had similar problems, wouldn't run into these same type of problems, only reason is that their corrupted files were non-legendary, so could always load back without a problem

    i thought it had before, but sadly it doesn't at all
  • DasyLazyDasyLazy Registered Users Posts: 6
    also, i read that type of message on most that "the team will investigate" but never really read anything after that, so what exactly will happen?

    will i be warned that the save file is hopeless, or that's it? "team will investigate" and nothing else will happen?
  • CA_LunaCA_Luna Administrator Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 3,596
    Hey DasyLazy ,

    Thank you for following up on the post, I understand it's frustrating that the Crash is impacting your ability to play and we've made sure this has been passed along to the team (For investigation into the callstack from the Crash dump you provided) this process can take time.

    As you experienced the save file crashes on load (I attempted to load it myself too) which means we can't load in either to help you continue the game from that save.

    We'll update the thread if we have any other troubleshooting or steps that could help but we don't have an Eta for you currently!

    Formal disclaimer: any views or opinions expressed here are those of the poster and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of The Creative Assembly or SEGA.

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