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Warhammer 3 made me cancel my Troy DLC purchase

KaosfyreKaosfyre Registered Users Posts: 89
I am quite enjoying Total War Troy. Its nicely optmized now and looks beautiful.

I was very close to buying all its DLC. It was in my cart and I was about to press buy. I decided not to because of how upset I am with CA and Warhammer 3. I have decided not to support CA financially until (if) Warhammer 3 is brought to an acceptable and fun state.
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  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,971
    A: I wouldn't buy all the DLC for ANY game all at once tbh. I'd only buy the specific pieces of content that interest you or are for your favorite factions. Then buy more only after you've confirmed that the DLC gives you the value for your money that you're looking for.

    Even if you do eventually wind up buying everything, blindly basket buying is foolish. What if you get burnt out before you've played every faction, even if you were hyped at the beginning? It is a lot of content to churn through after all. Even if you bought it all now, you won't get around to playing it until all until hundreds of hours from now. What if during those hundreds of hours a new bundle or sale emerges?

    B: Troy and Game 2 are finished products that are frequently on sale. They aren't connected to WH3 in any meaningful way where boycotting them sends CA any 'message' about Game 3. It'd be an equally anemic gesture to boycott Medieval 2 or Mario Kart or something. If you're upset about Game 3, don't buy Game 3. At least not until you feel it's in an acceptable state. The same goes for Game 3 DLC.

    You withholding a Troy DLC purchase 'teaches' CA nothing. There is no accountant at CA watching the metrics for residual Troy DLC sales and then presenting changes in those figures to the Game 3 team. That's just not a thing.

    If you're enjoying Troy, keep enjoying Troy. If you think you'd enjoy Troy DLC and you voluntarily don't purchase it the only entity you are punishing is yourself. CA won't care or learn from your abstinence. But yes, I'd caution against buying all the DLC SIMULTANEOUSLY at least.

    And by all means abstain from Game 3 if that is leaving a sour taste in your mouth though. Poor Game 3 residuals and poor Game 3 DLC sales will absolutely incentivize CA to make changes. Abstaining from Troy however won't incentivize CA to do anything one way or another.
  • Fingolfin_the-GoldenFingolfin_the-Golden Registered Users Posts: 4,704
    Troy is still around? Huh.
    BEARS, Beets, Battlestar Galactica 🧝‍♀️ Pandas too please CA!
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