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Has the Ogre flc been added to base WH2?

hotspuffohotspuffo Registered Users Posts: 5
edited May 2022 in General Discussion
I play with the ogre flc disabled and, until yesterday, I've never had the option to recruit them in the campaign or use them in custom battles. Also, and I don't know if it's a bug or it's due to flc being disabled, I've never seen AI recruit them during campaigns, even in long ones (200+ turns). Today, I open my empire campaign save and I notice the icon to recruit ogres among my generals recruitment options. I close the game and check the flc, and it's still disabled. Out of curiosity, I open the game again and check in custom battles and guess what, I find I can use ogres in them.

How can I use something that's not installed? Did the flc become base game?
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