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A Suggestion for CA - Improved Project Management

AverathAverath Registered Users Posts: 29
s all of my attempts to leave feedback regarding this have been declared "not relating to the game" and have been deleted on the Discord, despite it relating to how the game was made, I figured I'd put it here.

There appear to have been some serious issues with Warhammer 3's development and it's shown some cracks in CA's armor. While this may not be able to help Warhammer 3 going forward, it will certainly have an impact on major titles following in Warhammer 3's footsteps. I.e. The next major Fantasy and Historical titles.

To make things as concise as possible:
  • Communication needs to improve, especially when there are problems in development. A sincere apology goes a long way to combat community backlash. (An apology was given regarding Norsca for WH2, but nothing regarding WH3's state of launch)
  • Marketing needs to temper expectations and sell the game that actually exists, rather than the game that may exist. (I.e. Basic unit functionality that was in previous Warhammer titles is bugged in Warhammer 3's release, and will continue to remain bugged for several months after launch. This is important information when purchasing a product. If I purchase a word processing program and saving a file causes all of my formatting to change, I'd like to know that before buying it.)
  • There appears to be a disconnect between the dev team that created the base game, upper management, or the executives at SEGA. Releasing a product in an incomplete state that's in Early Access in all but name is not a sustainable business practice and is going to hurt CA going forward.
I have almost every CA title and even survived the Rome 2 debacle, but the current state of things are pushing me to my limits. I want to see the game succeed. I know the game will succeed. CA has done a lot of good. But there are limits. Refusing to acknowledge issues as more than "growing pains" or "issues brought up by the community" isn't currying any favor. Nor is silencing feedback. It's just causing even more frustration, and in this case my first refund for a CA title.

My suggestion going forward for Warhammer 3 itself is pretty simple:
  • Engage in as much open communication and dialogue with the community as is feasible or possible. Not everything has to be incredibly secretive in an industry where CA has almost no competition. Being open about what to expect, where things are, and if there are any issues, will build trust.

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