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In ProgressUnable to Start Realm of Chaos Quest After Entering From Another Realm (Gamebreaking)

Epiphany_HSEpiphany_HS Registered Users Posts: 3
edited May 2022 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
I entered the Realm of Nurgle from the Realm of Khorne because the weapons I wanted were being held by another faction.

Upon entering the Realm of the Plaguelord I did not get the quest, I tried waiting a turn to see if it would start (on Legendary) and it did not.
I am able to replicate this bug by travelling from Nurgle to Khorne (the Khorne quest doesn't start either, fixed upon reload by leaving the realms altogether then re-entering)

The bug became Gamebreaking after I tried staying in Nurgles realm for one turn, now I cannot get the 'Realm of the Plaguelord' quest under any circumstances, including waiting for the realms to close and reopen. Unable to fix my campaign due to Legendary difficulty.
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