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User Info RequiredReplenishment in Ogre Camps

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This might not be a bug, but it seems like at least an oversight.

Units in ogre camps do not get normal replenishment. Doesn't matter if they're in your own territory or in neutral or enemy territory, as soon as you transfer the units into the camp they will get no replenishment at all. I am not sure if they even get replenishment from the replenishment building in the camp. If you put 2 camps within their own circles of influence, they will provide replenishment for each other.

I believe later in the game technologies that increase replenishment do affect units in the camp, but that's it.
They should at least get the same base replenishment armies in the same region would get. Probably more for it to make sense, the camps provide food and all matter of benefits but no bonus replenishment?
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