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Fix - No multiplayer lobbies, cannot play as or against Ogre Kingdoms, main screen says you are offl

koremeltdownkoremeltdown Registered Users Posts: 5
edited May 2022 in Multiplayer Bugs
For anyone that is having this issue, guess what? I have had it for the past month as well. I bought pre-release and was so disappointed I deleted the game for some time so that I did not look at it with frustration.

Reinstalling, I noted I could not play against Ogre Kingdoms. I could not play as Ogre Kingdoms either. My DLC list showed Ogre Kingdoms as installed.

When logging in, the "news" main splash screen told me I was offline - I certainly was not.

Going to "Battles", I could not select Multiplayer Lobbies or access the ranked leaderboards.

I deleted the game again, I deleted all data and user data related to WHTW3. I reinstalled, it did not fix the issue!!!

How did I fix this, after a month of fiddling with every aspect of the install?

Go to Warhammer 2 on your steam, on the right of the "activity" it will say "click to sign in and chat with friends" or something similar.

Click that link.

Go back to Warhammer 3, start the game.

The issue should be resolved.

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