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Herald of Khorne Armour Buff

Odysseus95Odysseus95 Registered Users Posts: 291
edited May 22 in Balancing Discussions
The Herald of Khorne (on foot) visibly wears more armour than all other Bloodletter units, including the Hellforged Host. And yet his armour value is only 40. This doesn't make much sense.

Please increase the Herald's armour values (on foot) to at least 60 armour or even 70-80 armour to more accurately reflect his appearance.


  • User_ClueUser_Clue Registered Users Posts: 1,569
    Or add more armor visually to the RoR. The Herald does have 10 more armor than bloodletters.

    The herald isn't even that armored. It just has some armor on its arms and legs. It's practically naked. It has the same armor in both stats and appearance as the Bloodreaper.
    The fact that the Juggernaut adds 60 armor is already generous enough in the armor department.
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  • Odysseus95Odysseus95 Registered Users Posts: 291
    The Herald also wears armour on its head.
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