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Realm of Tzeentch - unable to pass portal

Varden_13Varden_13 Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi all!

Recently when playing as Daemons of Chaos, I enconuntered what seems a bug in realm of Tzeentch.

I am entering small portal, which drops me into another "island". However, it somehow drops me a bit above the actual small portal (you can see that on screen). On next turn, when I am trying to explore this "island" i need to pass through this portal, which simply teleports me back to previous location (the corresponding portal).

Looks like the game recognizes me entering the portal, and not simply passing it by.

Any ideas how can i overcome that? Tried loading previous saves, but it still happens. (FYI, I succesfully passed this stage in Kislev campaing, so this happens only with Deamons or maybe something changed since i played Kislev).

I am playing with mods, but as far as I know, they do not modify phisically the realms of chaos.

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