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Lizardmen diplomacy tech

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The lizardmen are a race that, on the worldmap, is very prone to fighting each other, resulting in them getting wiped out. This infighting is troublesome for the player and makes confederation exceedingly difficult. Lizardmen have a tech that gives some diplomacy bonuses towards high elves and lizardmen, which should at least fascilitate lizardmen diplomacy. However the bonus (+5 to diplomacy with the respective factions) is quite low indeed. Amplifying this should boost lizardmen performance.

PS: Obviously in game 3 lizardmen and other factions from game 1 and 2 will have issues with confederation anyway. This is besides that. That being said, this should make diplomacy among lizardmen a little more possible without copious amounts of regular monetary gifts

PPS: I reckon this is less problematic in the Vortex campaign, as the ritual can provide some significant diplomatic benefits. However in ME and likely in IE this problem will occur.
There are several possible ways of fixing this: buffing the civilize technology (5 diplomatic relations for high elves and lizardmen is quite low). Giving some heroes/lords a skill to boost diplomacy with lizardmen, creating a new follower that increases lizardmen diplomacy etc.
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