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Ogres meat production bug STILL an issue..

Davros_TyDavros_Ty Registered Users Posts: 1
edited June 2022 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
How is the ogres meat production bug still a thing?

I'm happy to be told I just don't understand the mechanic because this is my first time playing ogres. But if I understand it correctly, then in my home province, I have 5 meat producing building - the 4 caves and 1 level one larder. This means I should be producing 50 meat across 4 settlements, right? So here I have Greasus sitting next to my capital, yet it's telling me that local buildings are only producing 10 meat. It's the same in all provinces.

Even if we stand him next to Amblepeak (which produces 20 meat on its own) he still only receives 10 meat per turn.

FWIW, assuming I'm missing something, I knocked down a building in Great Hall of Greasus and built a level 3 larder so even in that settlement alone I should be producing 30 but still only receiving 10.

As I said, I'm happy to have the mechanic explained to me, if it's just that I don't understand it but this appears broken to me and considering how often this has been posted about I'm surprised it hasn't been sorted out yet.

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