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An oath fulfilled (buggy faction mechanic for belegar)

Delusionist#2224Delusionist#2224 Registered Users Posts: 142
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This is just a report of an old bug that was introduced when the dwarven grudge system was reworked and which apparently has been talked about everywhere but here.
Back when the King and the Warlord DLC came out, Belegar had his unique campaign mechanic that he had increased upkeep costs until he recaptured Karak Eight Peaks at which point the permanent negative modifier was replaced with the permanent buff "An oath fulfilled". This was quite strong and made the pain you had to go through to get there worthwhile. However, when the grudge system was introduced, this mechanic was just kept as it was and broke when the other grudges were changed. Nowadays, you just loose the negative effects, get the normal rewards from the grudge but do not get "an oath fulfilled". This has been fixed in no less than 2 community mods. (they have more information about the coding issue involved)

The first is the community bug fix mod, they have a much clearer description of the actual issue on the second link
the second mod is a small mod just to fix this bug.
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  • Delusionist#2224Delusionist#2224 Registered Users Posts: 142
    As of this current patch, this is still not in the game. The modifier is still in the game, but isn't granted by his grudges. Since mods risk conflicting with each other every time you use them, I'd rather have this be back where it belongs: In the maingame.
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    Hey! Are you able to provide a screen recording of this perhaps?
  • Delusionist#2224Delusionist#2224 Registered Users Posts: 142
    Here's 3 screenshots from one Warhammer 2 and 2 Warhammer 1 vods(tzudevil's Warhammer 2 Belegar campaign and Heir of Carthage's Warhammer 1 Belegar campaign, respectively), showcasing the modifier in question. I recommend slowing down the Vod to 0.25 speed to screencap the modifier.
    If you want to, I can find a Warhammer 1 save for this... I'm not sure whether I still have viable Warhammer 2 saves since the patch is so long ago.
    After this are two screenshots from a normal Warhammer 3 campaigns of mine, in the second of which you can see at the top that the double-chevron icon associated with the modifier is not present.
    The last screenshot is from a modded campaign (easily recognizeable by the double-modifier which shouldn't be there, either, but I'm bad at installing mods). This is how it kinda should look like in the new grudge system: the modifier being a reward for the punishing +50% upkeep cost you've suffered through.


    And here's my screencaps from vanilla Warhammer 3

    Here's a modded Warhammer 3 campaign with 2 mods to modify this installed. Should look kinda like this

  • Delusionist#2224Delusionist#2224 Registered Users Posts: 142
    Btw: currently the grudges of Clan Angrund are comparatively lackluster. Not only is this 1, compared to the default 2 grudges, but we also only get oathgold rewards for two of them. Don't get me wrong, the extra rune of spite is quite amazing to have, but it feels a little odd that the other grudges just have oathgold as reward.
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