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Mac & PC Cross Play not working? "No response from Host" error

TorboldM#2808TorboldM#2808 Registered Users Posts: 5
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Hi guys,

My friend and I are trying to play a coop game and can't connect to each other's games.

I'm on PC, Windows 11, Steam
He is on a Mac, Steam.

We always get the same error:
Failed to join the game: No response from host
Screenshot in spoler:

We tried joining the game in all combinations of these:
1. Using the code
2. Using Steam's "join game" feature
3. Hosting the game on a Mac
4. Hosting the game on PC
5. Starting a campaign game online
6. Starting a battle online

The only thing we didn't try is creating a virtual local network, we'll try in the next few days.

Is that expected? The game is widely advertised as the first one to actually feature crossplay.

We were able to "see" hosted game via virtual local network. But it says the client versions are different:
1. macOS says it's 1.2.1
2. Windows says it's 1.2.0
3. the build of the game is actually the same - 14425.2601296 🤯

Is it possible to fix this?

Below are the screenshots for build version and error message on local network

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