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Shogun 2 AI cheats so hard

PerebebePerebebe Registered Users Posts: 1
Normally i always play on normal difficulty and i have no problem winning the campaign, with my lost battles being somewhere next to 2 or 3. But since it get quite repetitive i decided to play on hard mode to spice things up. I was playing as takeda, I captured the province to the north of my capital no problem, 2 turns after that 2 clans declared war on me and i got a notification that hojo was going to attack me because i was already in 2 wars and was easy to destroy. next turn. Hojo and uesugi declare war on me and the first 2 clans send 1 stack of yari samurai, bow samurai and bow ashigaru each. I barely hold them off from the northern province i captured the first 2 turns with my ashigaru. do note that i am constantly recruiting yari ashigaru and bow ashigaru on both of my provinces to make up for fighting 4 clans at once. before my men can reinforce themselfes uesugi sends a stack of yari ashigaru and bow samurai, i take extremely high casualties as my units were 120-80 men each. realising i cant defend 2 fronts at once i let the other 2 clans capture the northern province and put my 1 and a half stack of ashigaru in my capital. Hojo sends a full stack of ashigaru. i hold them off pretty easily since i didnt have any battles for 2 turns which helped me reinforce my men and because i upgraded my castle to level 2 (Stronghold). My units are 120-80 men each once again. the first 2 clans that i beat so hard that their power became feeble sent 1 stack of ashigaru each into my province. I held them off but I only had roughly 400 men left. Then Uesugi sent me a full stack of ashigaru and i lost. there is no way that:
A)They got half samurai stacks that early into the game
B)They had enough income to pay the keep up money of these stacks and recruit unit over unit even if their taxes were on very high
C)They didnt have rebellions even though they had their taxes on very high (there is no way they can get that many men that early without doing that, they have 2 provinces for **** sake)
D)They recruited 2-2.5 stacks of men each while i couldnt make 2 stacks of ashigaru despite recruiting men every single turn.

What am i doing wrong? I did not declare war on anyone, the only thing i did was recruit men, destroy the clan that the game made me enemies with from the start and trade with all clans possible for income.


  • Steeleye#7093Steeleye#7093 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I tend not to go onto hard mode in campaign, because, as you experienced, you just get a massively aggressive AI which has limitless funds to spam you with endless armies, which I for one don't find fun. Instead, I go into options in-game and increase the battle difficulty and tick on 'battle realism'. In battle AI is much better, and the fact that enemy units get a stats boost isn't as game-breaking as the hard campaign mode.
  • Mechwarrior5#7885Mechwarrior5#7885 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Takeda is similar to Kiso from RotS, that's why I prefer to attack Uesugi immediately after the beginning. It seems other clans (Hojo and, especially, Uesugi) are scripted to prefer to disturb Takeda homeland. You can try to propose an alliance with them, that should slow them down.
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