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Crisis and Victory Rework Suggestions

TheImperialWar#5677TheImperialWar#5677 Registered Users Posts: 46
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Ill preface this by saying players should be able to remove certain/all crisis as well as change or remove victory score/date requirements. players should always be in control of how they play their game.

Victory reworked to having the top 3 score by the turn ~160. you can choose to continue playing or start a new campaign after this. reaching the top score gives in-game rewards and an achievement.

A Crisis happens roughly every 40 years. they have multiple variations and the options change dramatically between early, mid and late game.

Early Game (turn ~40) Crisis focuses on your specific faction or race and helps consolidate and structure your early game.

for example, Boris decides he is the true emperor, causing a massive civil war between all empire factions. they are split into two federations and the winner confederates and unites the empire. vampire and green skin factions can offer support in exchange for a price paid later down the road. you don't have to capture every single settlement; a faction power bar determines the winner.

another example is Karl being taken prisoner by Manfred, enthralling most empire factions. you and a few loyalists must hunt down Manfred and free Karl while Doomstacks of hybrid Imperial/Undead armies assault your base. unique events, heroes, defensive buildings and special armies aid you, and you can keep them after the event if you succeed. or you can ignore Karl and take on the horde single handedly.

Mid Game (turn ~80) Crisis focus on Large Areas and involve multiple races. think Errantry Wars, Waghs, Skaven Infestations, Lizardmen Awakenings, and Beastmen Invasions. you have the choice to temporarily join other local races against the crisis or go at it alone and take advantage of the chaos.

Fun and creative events can also occur after this date such as an Araby Uprising that creates multiple doomstacks in the desert and seas, The Dragon Awakening that empowers the newly expansionist High Elves to retake former colonies all over the world, The Monkey King/Naga invasions to the east and devastating Ogre/Norscan migrations that can be redirected or stopped through events and battles.

End Game (turn ~120) Crisis devastate the entire world. Rise of Nagash and his undead legions corrupting and uniting most undead factions against the living, The Grand Wagh that unites all Greenskins and awakens hidden savage/goblin tribes all over the world, The World Plan as the lizardmen decide to enact a ritual to terraform the planet with the map changing as it proceeds, and other such events.

Another example is an End Times Chaos Invasion that opens fewer portals in pre-deterirmined locations every 5-7 provinces that regularly spawn vast and powerful stacks and are anchored by Doom fortresses which can create corrupted copies of your nearby armies.

Or a war between the remaining Order and Disorder factions in 2 vast federations, with neutral factions free to pick a side or challenge both.

None of the Crisis require you to kill every single army or capture every single settlement, instead each having their own unique requirements that you are free to accomplish or ignore as you wish.
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  • Yurisusuki#3719Yurisusuki#3719 Registered Users Posts: 1,559
    Dunno if a scores based camping could work in a total war game

    About crisis, I don't like the ideia of order fa tons become the crisis, the rest is fun I think, and maybe is close to what we will get
    Gib mony plox i report u



  • Nazjax#2857Nazjax#2857 Registered Users Posts: 2,587
    I can't say everything you said is bad but I really disagree with the ranking/score idea of campaign ending.

    If it's an option im fine with it, but going to turn 400 to paint the map sometime can be fun, or just make ''challenges'' and restrictions for yourself, also work well with the new MP campaign system.
  • TheImperialWar#5677TheImperialWar#5677 Registered Users Posts: 46
    edited June 2022
    its optional, you can always continue afterwards and ignore it even if enabled, and its more about setting a pre-determined commitment for a certain playthrough.

    it can be daunting having a game go on seemingly without end and having a tangible goal to work for (reach 160 turns in a strong position) makes it feel more manageable to continue a playthrough especially in co-op.
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