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Crashes in coop campaigns in total war warhammer 2 and 3

Void_TeguVoid_Tegu Registered Users Posts: 5
So, basicly the title.
I cant play with my friends in total war warhammer becasue of crashes. When using mods the crashes are more frequent but even without them they are still happening.
Warhammer 2 usually crashes around turn 100 and usually it happens after some action, like choosing a talent, killing and army or building. This crush can be avoided by just not doing this action and postpone it to the next turn, but as the turns go on it happens more and more making the campaing unplayble.
In Warhammer 3 it happens even earlier.

It happens with multiple different people.
It doesnt happen in solo campaign to any of us
I tried to reinstall the game and even changed my PC and router for a newer ones, didnt help
Please help me, I love this game but I simply cant enjoy it with my friends because of this stupid bug
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