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Bug report: Miscast reduction - It does nothing!

fallen3365fallen3365 Registered Users Posts: 4
After a couple days of testing with different characters, combinations, items, and abilities, I can confidently say that "Miscast reduction" does nothing.

All upgraded spells have a base miscast chance of 50%. You'd think that equipping miscast reducing items, or putting points into miscast reducing abilities would lower this (like in Wh2), but it does not. No matter what character, item, or skill, it'll always stay at it's base miscast chance.

The only thing that actually reduces miscast chance is the max level spell upgrade of -15%, which brings you down to 35%. Nothing can lower it past the base of 35%. This means that earthing, all those items, hero skills, and unique legendary lord skills that are supposed to make casting easier, are actually doing nothing. You can see this yourself: by spamming overcast spells at 4x speed, It'll happen at about a 1/2 or 1/3 rate depending on how many points you've put into your spells. Try it with different items and skills unlocked. Hundreds of casts can show you pretty clearly that it's impossible to go below a 35% miscast chance.

Tested on Kugath, Kairos, Katarin, exalted lord of change, and ice witches, as well as Tzeentch and Nurgle heros. Yes, this means that Katarin's legendary trait does nothing.

Tested on normal/normal campaigns with Faster turn camera and One button respec as the only mods.

I hope that this can be helpful, and that the Bug squashers at CA don't have too much trouble with it
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