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Feedback on the recent patch 1.3 blog post

cersbsb#2301cersbsb#2301 Registered Users Posts: 106
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The Plague attrition changes are worrying. Nurgle (when played by the player) is already very weak and relies on using only specific tactics to stay afloat, if Plague attrition, which was already pretty weak (other than it's ability to limit replenishment), is getting a nerf, it's going to make Nurgle's mechanics even more unimpactful...
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  • Bel-Eshain#8163Bel-Eshain#8163 Registered Users Posts: 6
    I have an idea. Plagues should still be a big threat for both the player and AI, but there needs to be preventative measures and counterplay if a plague takes hold. It is a straregy game after all.

    So I propose that plagues remain strong, but all factions gain a new commandment called "Quarantine". This commandment would negatively impact growth, public order and income and line of sight, but remove the plague in two turns. Also, under quarantine replenishment rate and attrition are completely unaffected.

    Another way the effect on income could work is that you get your settlement income and trade money in those two turns do still go to your treasury, but you don't receive the funds until quarantine is over.

    For two instances of plagues stacked it takes four turns.

    This will allow the player to take short term losses instead of the usually overly protracted plague attrition.

    Quarantine should perhaps have a cooldown as well.
  • #153592#153592 Registered Users Posts: 323

    Nurgle plagues are too weak against AI (because the AI don't take all the attrition malus) and too powerfull against players... (sometime you take plague after plague and you can't do anthing about it...) A difficult ballance need to be find.
  • Murrayman#5615Murrayman#5615 Registered Users Posts: 25
    We're literally discussing this on my Nurgle analysis post too :smile: It really is an annoying bit, and a black mark on what would be an otherwise perfect/flawless blog update.

    This likely means the way Nurgle is, will be how it will release to Immortal Empires, which is sad. Plagues are barely useful, beyond stacking Black Plague's regional bonus to get large sack income.
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