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More of barrier in the game! Heroes, Lords, Items and what-not

snnnffrknlin#6194snnnffrknlin#6194 Registered Users Posts: 157
edited August 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
Spellcasters (Heroes & Lords) should get barrier in their skill trees. The yellow-line section never truly seperated the caster Lords and melee lords. Barrier would help differentiate that in a flavorful manner.

It should also maybe be considered for some on the units that are leaning into the "spellcaster" realm. I understand though, if that is an impossibility because of balance.

Items should also be able to provide barrier and provide a different defense than regular stats. Hopefully encouraging low stats heroes and lords to chose barriers instead. Perhaps encourage a more hit and run playstyle for combat heroes?

Point is barrier should be utilised more. Please add more of it in campaign at least.
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