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New game mode: Hunted.

overtaker40overtaker40 Registered Users Posts: 1,001
An idea for a new pre campaign option, not necessaraly for all factions but some that are more thematic and appropriate.

The two that come to mind would be the huntsmarshals expedition and Oxyotil. Basically Lizardmen factions/demon factions would be slightly buffed against other Ai, have increased bias against you and would never sign any sort of treaty with you.

If you successfully wipe out 3/4 of the faction you get a factionwide buff (and the huntsmarshal would stop getting raids.)

Could for example Alternate Start Belegar in K8P; skarsnik and Queek would be massivly buffed vs other ai and prioritse you and each other.

It would be a new alternative difficulty option with its own dropdown bar pre campaign, entirely optional. So if its set up for a faction you would have the option to select it in the same manor you would the Chaos invasion from 2. You could still pick the other difficulties seperatly if you like so you wouldnt be overwhealmed.

What do you think, a good idea? how would you improve it?
I like all the races. Equally. Wood elves are just the first among equals.
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