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Game is crashing 100% of the time when loading into battle

Elite_slayerx1Elite_slayerx1 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited June 2022 in Total War: SHOGUN 2
I have tried many solutions with no success. I currently have Windows 11. My game will crash 100% of the time when loading into battle. So in other words the game is absolutely unplayable for me. I was wondering if anyone with windows 11 has had this same issue and what they did to fix it. Oh and its not my anti virus protection i already checked that. Any help would be greatly appreciated being that i would like to try what many people consider the best Total War game. Being that im a huge fan of Total War. Thanks for your time.

Ive tried all these things.

First-time install / Wait 5-10 minutes
Restart your computer & verify game files
Add STEAM/game to your Antivirus & Firewall Exceptions
Check the power setting of your graphics card
Update your Windows Operating System
Update your graphics drivers
Install the necessary Visual C++ components
Turn off Steam Overlay i.e. friends list, web browser, & chat.
Try launching your Total War game as an Admin.
Opt-out of past BETA(s)
Remove third-party mods
Delete Preferences & Cached Data
Try a different Windows account
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