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Nurgle building not cycling properly

I started a Nurgle campaign and got 12 turns in when I noticed a bug. A Microbial Bog building in my main settlement indicated in one turn it would enter level 3 (synthesizing) and in the next turn it skipped both the 3rd and 4th levels and started at level 1 again. I have a Weeping Creepers building in another settlement in the same province which I synchronized to the Microbial Bog building and it worked as intended (cycled into level 3 on the next turn as indicated). I have no modifiers on my settlement (like a plague) and even if I did there aren't any that make a building skip two cycles. I love playing with Nurgle but this bug makes settlement management unpredictable and the provincial commandment Plague God's Greenhouse useless. If there is any known fix for this it would be much appreciated.


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