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More Patches in Betas for Retroactive Play

le09idas#5952le09idas#5952 Registered Users Posts: 5
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With the first DLC for Warhammer III Total War over the horizon, I developed a fascination with replaying the first two games. However, I have heard comparisons to when players were waiting for new content with the other two games.

I have had the privilege of not having to wait so long for all the current content from the first two games, but would like to experience the anticipation starting in 2015.

I think it would be fun to be able to revert to previous versions of each of the games to see how differently they played so that we can appreciate just how far we've come.

I would think it would be cool to have the Betas properties for the Steam versions of these Warhammer Total War games to be similar to that of the first game. And maybe even throw in a beta for the first ever released version?

Since there aren't many options in terms of physical media to do this, it would be nice to be able to have the full history available via Steam Betas.

I don't think that every single patch would be necessary, just maybe an archive of initial versions and then the major patches and including patches that align with DLC?

I am not sure how much effort it would take to make this available to players, but I feel that it would be a great gift to players who would like to once in a while go back to the good old days of Warhammer Total War...warts and all.
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