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Can all Bretonnians have all of each other's new techs?

Cosmic_Lich#1188Cosmic_Lich#1188 Registered Users Posts: 690
When Repanse came out, I thought her new technology tree was awesome. But I was sad that the original three didn't get them. This was obviously because Louen, Alberic, and Morgiana have techs to easily confederate with other Bretonnians. But Repanse had quests to easily confederate with her nearby Brets. So Repanse got the fancy new technology tree with non of the downsides.

Now that Alberic is moving away from Bretonnia, I assume his technology tree will be given the same treatment. Which is one step closer to what I want, but still leaves Louen and Morgiana without cool technologies.
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  • mecanojavi99#6562mecanojavi99#6562 Registered Users Posts: 12,196
    No, the devs have confirmed that Alberic will still be able to confed the dukedoms trough the tech tree.
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  • saweendra#3399saweendra#3399 Registered Users Posts: 19,907
    Sadly not it seems. May be one day with a actual rework and dlc

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  • Cosmic_Lich#1188Cosmic_Lich#1188 Registered Users Posts: 690

    No, the devs have confirmed that Alberic will still be able to confed the dukedoms trough the tech tree.

    I wonder if he will have any rework to his techs or if he can just confederate with all of Bretonnia from so far away.

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  • Godefroy_de_BouillonGodefroy_de_Bouillon Registered Users Posts: 2,659
    edited July 2022
    yeah I kinda feel those confed techs are pretty useless as you can confederate via diplomacy without any problems really. Would love to see them replaced.
  • User_ClueUser_Clue Registered Users Posts: 1,571
    Ideally he'll lose the greenskin incursion event since he's no longer in Bretonnia. It can just be replaced with a Lizard version though, but I'm not sure they'll do that.

    I assume they'll at least change the decree techs to focus on more relevant enemies rather than Greenskins and Norsca. I'm thinking Vamp coast and dark elves/lizardmen. At the very least they need a lizardmen tech for Lustria, since right now they only have a diplomacy one which doesn't work since you'll fight a lot of lizardmen for territory.
    The old norsca and greenskin ones can still work, but it wouldn't feel right. He might also get a new Errantry battle like Repanse. Maybe even two.

    Hopefully they also take out the confederation techs and replace them with new techs to help with his new start. He should just have one tech to confed his old territory and a diplomacy boost with other brets. They would waste the move entirely if you can just take all the mainland like normal. Leave the uniting to the two main figure heads of the race.
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  • Godefroy_de_BouillonGodefroy_de_Bouillon Registered Users Posts: 2,659
    edited July 2022
    they can just copy Repanse tech tree... It's not a big time sink I guess?

    Plus they need all new tech against nurgle, slanesh tzeentch khorne etc.

    SO maybe we can get finally a tech with replenishment rates. (Nrgle tech)
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