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Enhanced Depth of Field (like in 3K)

puRe1puRe1 Registered Users Posts: 13
edited August 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
Is there any chance we might get to see the high DoF option of 3K in WH3 in the future?

There is already a tilt-shift effect on the campaign map*, which is awesome, but it's the same old DoF like in WH2 in the battles. I think the high DoF would fit the tabletop background of Warhammer really well, by giving everything a slight miniature look. The campaign map has a lot of flair because of that and I instantly miss the tilt-shift effect once I jump into a battle.

Or maybe even an ultra dof option, to achieve something like this:

Thanks to Molag Bal for these great screenshots.


*Only with FXAA, because of a bug. With FXAA the DoF is always on, with TAA (high) it's always off.
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