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Please make this battle map less awful.

Powerman_4999Powerman_4999 Registered Users Posts: 12
edited August 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
I'm in the Realm of the Sorcerer and am attacking a demon army. The AI side of the map looks like this:

And my side of the map looks like this:

My general gets to attack on ground of his choosing, and apparently chose a battlefield that resembles the bottom of a bowling alley. This is my general's expansive view of the battlefield:

I get the idea of being on disadvantageous ground when you're the one being attacked, but I'm attacking and yet am stuck halfway down a 30-degree hill. Not only that, my entire side of the map is downhill: there is basically no tactically advantageous position for my army, it's all bad.

It would also be more understandable if the battlefield conformed to our positions on the strategic map, but that hasn't been a thing since Rome I: the maps, and the armies' positions on them, are almost entirely outside of the player's control with very minor variation based on the general geography. So please, if the battle maps are going to be random could we at least not have ones as awful as this one?
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