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Can select troops but cant move troops

LetsCamp_1LetsCamp_1 Registered Users Posts: 1
when I try to move any troops in any game mode, they will not move. Clicking on a spot on the actual terrain does nothing. Instead, I have to click on the radar screen if I want them to move at all. I cannot click and drag to adjust their formations either. I'm running on Windows 10, I have compatibility mode for Windows XP on, and I'm running the game in the default 800x600 resolution. I also reinstalled the game and verified the files several times, but the problem persists. The game's basically unplayable in this state, I was wondering if anyone knew of any fixes?


  • btaylor5btaylor5 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I wonder if anyone is even watching this game mode anymore. I updated my computer and lost the ability to move troops. I hope someone can resolve this at some time.
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