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Obliterate the Odds Achievement Description

erhartm91#4908erhartm91#4908 Registered Users Posts: 27
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The Obliterate the Odds achievement on Steam's description reads "Win a campaign battle in which you are outnumbered 10-to-1." I unlocked this achievement in my Ogre Kingdoms campaign on hard difficulty with a settlement garrison when I was attacked by an Empire army when the auto-resolve result said that it would be a Decisive Defeat. I don't remember what the exact numbers of my army and the enemy army were, but I remember that it was less than a 10-to-1 ratio. Confused, I looked it up on Google and I saw that different people said that what mattered were the odds, not the numbers. Some people had said that they had won battles where the enemy's army was 10 times bigger or more than theirs and they didn't unlock the achievement, and conversely some people said that they unlocked the achievement when the enemy army was less than 10 times bigger than theirs, like I did. If what they said is true, then it doesn't matter so much what the size of the player's and enemy's armies are as much as what the odds are. I feel like the description of this achievement should be changed to reflect how someone actually unlocks the achievement.
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