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Trying to learn to mod

RaurruckRaurruck Registered Users Posts: 1
First time, have watched several videos but cannot seem to find the value I'm trying to edit.

I was hoping to change the number of heros that become available to recruit from 2/3 to x, x being the number of available traits for said hero, to be able to recruit the hero you want without having to recruit/disband over and over to find them.

Does anyone know where this number is set?


  • #1609#1609 Registered Users Posts: 3,646
    First, the number of available hero is increased via effect. Look in "db/building_effects_junction_tables", search for effect such as "wh_main_effect_agent_cap_increase_"

    Second, since the trait is random, you have no guarantee to have them all this way.
  • dge1dge1 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 23,917
    I recommend checking out the Total War Center modding section, and then dive into the game area you are interested in.

    If you aren't a member it is an easy sign up and may well be worth your while on your quest.

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