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Bug Report: Allied DLC Unit Recruitment

SpartanElite1321SpartanElite1321 Registered Users Posts: 4
I have been playing this game ever since it first came out and this bug has been affecting me and others in the community. Essentially when I have an outpost (Level 3) in an ally's empire I cannot access his full range of units.

For base game races I can recruit their normal units fine but any DLC units that they themselves have access to and use, i cannot recruit. I.e. Ratling guns for the Skaven.

However on top of this, races that have come out as DLC race packs i can recruit almost nothing from. I.e. Warriors of Chaos, Wood elves and Norsca. When attempting to recruit from any of these races i can only recruit super basic units
- WoC: Marauders and marauder horsemen when the faction has access to Hellcanons, armoured trolls and more.
- Norsca: Marauder berserkers, horsemen and feral mammoths when the faction has access to Giants, chariots and war mammoths.
- WE: Eternal guard, glade guard, waywatchers, hawk riders and tree kin when the faction has each building type maxed out (can't even get dryads)

In response to the main questions i will probably get asked:
- YES the ally still has access to the required building
- YES I have enough allegiance points to recruit (maxed out)
- YES I do own every single warhammer game and DLC
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