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Suggestion: Giving Throgg access to more types of trolls and monsters

cersbsb#2301cersbsb#2301 Registered Users Posts: 179
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In the lore Throgg is the "Monster King" who rules over many different types of monsters. Even in tabletop he buffed many different monsters (even Dragon Ogres), and not just Trolls. I would love for him to get a Rakarth type system to recruit different factions' monsters to his horde. Or at the very least, for him to have access to more types of Trolls and the monsters in the WoC roster (whom he buffed on tabletop).
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  • erhartm91#4908erhartm91#4908 Registered Users Posts: 163
    I think Throgg needs something like this, because as he is, he's pretty underwhelming, and from what I understand, hardly anyone is motivated to play as him. Something like this would give people more incentive to pick him over Wulfrik the Wanderer when playing as Norsca.
  • Hippi02#5671Hippi02#5671 Registered Users Posts: 96
    edited September 2022
    I agree maybe allow Throgg's faction to recruit River Troll Hags heroes, and maybe allow him to recruit ordinary River Trolls and Stone Trolls, and also Armoured Trolls, and I know from lore there are other Chaotic Breeds Trolls, Bile Trolls with poison attack but mostly known with Nurgle and, Lava Trolls Which can do flaming attacks and and having fire resistance and known to be around the magma caverns deep beneath the Dark Lands and had often contact with Chaos Dwarfs, Sea Trolls some have some small bits of lore about tearing a Verminlord apart, they could be a Anti large unit, and there is also the Snow Trolls but they are a bit too similar to ice trolls and often mistaken as a Yhetee in lore, and this is just the trolls he could also have the Jabberslythe, and several Federal creatures Feral Mournfang, Feral Rhinoxen, Feral Stonehorn, Feral Thundertusk, Tuskgor Herd, Basilisk, Chimera, Cockatrice, Jabberwock, Kharibdyss, Hydras, and that is just what I can come up with on the spot.
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  • Delusionist#2224Delusionist#2224 Registered Users Posts: 142
    Wholeheartedly agree with this one. Notably, even those units will be a little goofy, if CA doesn't add specific boosts to non-norscan troll units akin to a redline
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