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Which old faction (WH2/WH1) are you most excited to Play in Immortal empires?

TheTrue_LordAndyTheTrue_LordAndy Registered Users Posts: 985
edited July 16 in General Discussion
My top 3:

1. Manfred Von Carstein
2. Oxyotl (At last can fight Deamons!)
3. Lokhir Fellheart


  • Surge_2#1464Surge_2#1464 Registered Users Posts: 11,845
    Vampire Counts.

    I may do a HE run with the Sword and Tyrion though...

  • Vanilla_Gorilla#8529Vanilla_Gorilla#8529 Registered Users Posts: 39,158
    Warriors of Chaos!
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  • destroyer67115destroyer67115 Registered Users Posts: 1,357
  • SerpentarSerpentar Registered Users Posts: 37
    1. Sigvald/Archaon
    2. Dwarfs, after they get engineering DLC
    3. Empire, after they get engineering/ Boris DLC
  • Labria#2848Labria#2848 Registered Users Posts: 2,233
    1. Lokhir Fellheart in Cathay
    2. Rakarth in Lustria
    3. Teclis in Southlands

    I look forward to play my favorite elves characters with new starting positions.
  • Uagrim#4644Uagrim#4644 Registered Users Posts: 2,079
    1. Ghorst
    2. Alberic
    3. Grombrindal
  • DaGangsterDaGangster Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,917
    My top three favorite factions.

    Warriors of Chaos (super excited for dlc and rework)
    Vampire Counts (torn between Mannfred and Vlad playthrough)
    The Empire ( look forward to all the new enimes and allies/trade partners around)

    Honorable mentions would be Dark/High elves.

    Team Vampire Counts

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  • GoblinDoomStackGoblinDoomStack Registered Users Posts: 314
  • Itharus#3127Itharus#3127 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,402
    edited July 16
    Greenskins, of course.

    All of them.
  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,089
    I'm always excited to play another round of Belegar. His campaign has changed a little bit despite barely moving with Skarnsik's move being the most important change alongside Queek's too. I somehow doubt Skarsnik is going to pose much of a problem for Thorgrim though so he might still be out of the equation.

    I'm also excited for another go at Arkhan. His campaign might not have changed much either but at least he has access to the new Southlands as well as Mannfred moving down south as a potential ally/vassal.

    Thorgrim, is one I'd never usually play. I preferred Grombrindal. But I'm not that interested in playing Grombrindal now that he is in Naggaroth and Thorgrim's starting location looks fun. He's lost Grimgor but he's gained Tretch and Skarsnik and maybe even a slightly more active Queek.

    Volkmar, Mannfred and Skarsnik could also be my jam.
    Lord of the Undermountain and your friendly neighbourhood giant (Dwarf)
  • Veldrinar#2882Veldrinar#2882 Registered Users Posts: 652
    My first ever campaign was with Grombrindal. My first ever mortal empires was with Grombrindal. My first ever IE will be with Grombrindal. It's tradition at this point and breaking tradition would put me in the book.
  • Bayes#3307Bayes#3307 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,015
    1. WoC
    2. Bretonnia
    3. Vampire counts
  • Killertut#9655Killertut#9655 Registered Users Posts: 1,110
    1) Archaon
    2) Queek
    3) Ghorst
    4) Ikkit
    5) Karl Franz
    6) Thorgrim
  • KirGeo#5270KirGeo#5270 Registered Users Posts: 1,123
    Empire, WoC and BM first.
    We want all the factions Dogs of War, Araby, Ind, Kuresh, Nippon, Hobgoblin Khanate. Milk us CA.
  • Mazisky#3267Mazisky#3267 Registered Users Posts: 1,218
    1 Karl

    2 Franz

    3 Karl Franz
  • Phee2Phee2 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 56
    It's a toss-up between Grombrindal and Mannfred for my first campaign. Teclis looks interesting too.

    Honourable mentions to Ghorst, Lokir and Grimgor. I'm really looking forward to trying their campaigns. But their campaigns will be far more interesting after 2-3 years of DLC. So as much as I love the idea of a Ghorst vs Ku'Gath showdown (before flooding Cathay with the dead risen anew), these campaigns will be on the back burner for a while.
  • Sebandirr#6265Sebandirr#6265 Registered Users Posts: 112
    edited July 16
    4.Volkmar the Grim
  • Nikolabrac#5277Nikolabrac#5277 Registered Users Posts: 711
    Karl franz
  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,089
    Wulfrick should be interesting too with the changes to Norsca.
    Lord of the Undermountain and your friendly neighbourhood giant (Dwarf)
  • ZekerathZekerath Registered Users Posts: 745
    1. Malagor, not only because I like him, but I'm also curious to see how magic changes has affected him. He probably won't be able to spam Flock of Doom indefinitely anymore, which is a good thing IMO, means more challenge.
    2. Drycha, want to try out the new animal for her armies, and see what the new bonuses the new forests give to the wood elves.
    3. WoC (not sure about the lord yet) to try the rework out.
  • Kn_Gars#2718Kn_Gars#2718 Registered Users Posts: 3,275
    Interesting question now that CA has killed my interest in what used to be my favourite ME campaigns (Karl Franz and Volkmar.)


    1. Kholek, always liked the big guy but Chaos was too underdeveloped in WH1 & ME.
    2. Eltharion or Imrik, enjoyed both in ME and they look like a blast in IE
    3. Lokhir Fellheart, his start position in Cathay looks quite fun and there is the potential to make extensive use of his black ark and sea mobility
    The user formerly known as KN_Gars, thanks for the involunatry rename CA.
  • Maedrethnir#1968Maedrethnir#1968 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 17,219
    1. Imrik
    2. Archaon
    3. Vlad
  • eomat#7953eomat#7953 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,898
    Karl Franz

    hopefully soon we will get more Empire content (Elspeth von Draken, Middenland, Master Engineer, Ludwig Schwarzhelm and so on)

    Then Dwarfs, Bretonnia, Wood Elves, High Elves.
  • Nyxilis#3646Nyxilis#3646 Registered Users Posts: 7,650
    1. Thrott, this would be Ikkit but ultimately it's always going to be shallow till there is a proper DoW to the east. He also will have a revamped WoC to fight, changed Norsca, Kislev proper, and several other good foes a stones throw away.
    2. Ghorst, I really want to throw the Vampire Counts at Cathay.
    3. Eltharion, feel I can really have a good showdown in that area now with him.

    I do kinda want to play Kholek but till Chaos Dwarves show up and some other factions come about feel less complete in center and side.
  • toskyrun#2614toskyrun#2614 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 663
  • Captain_Rex#1635Captain_Rex#1635 Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 37,648
    Vlad (but VC in general)
    Summon the Elector Counts!
  • Captain_Rex#1635Captain_Rex#1635 Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 37,648
    Oh and honourable mentions to Snikch and Archaon.

    Depending on how the hybrid faction thingy works out also Sigvald.
    Summon the Elector Counts!
  • LaindeshLaindesh Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,738

  • b_took#1657b_took#1657 Registered Users Posts: 387
    edited July 16
    And definitely want to see how Volkmar does in the south.
  • Coldone666#8229Coldone666#8229 Registered Users Posts: 803
    Archaon or a Daemon
    Bonus one I want Lahmia in.
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