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And the new name for Manny's faction is...

Ariel#4992Ariel#4992 Registered Users Posts: 2,377
So, in the new A Rubber Duck Of War's video we can see the name that is currently used for Manny's faction and the name is The Charnel Congress, which is a callback to Gotrek & Felix's novel which goes by the same name. I did not read the book, so I am not sure what the congress is about, but maybe some loremaster could help us with that one.
Pick from the vid:

The old name that was place holder:

What do you think of the new name? Do you like/hate it?

PS: If this was already mentioned in another thread, feel free to merge.

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  • cavebear56cavebear56 What are you trying to glean?Registered Users Posts: 107


    I was all "I don't remember that in Vampire Slayer", but I guess it was a 2016 book by Josh Reynolds called Charnel Congress.

    Sadly it looks to be bundled in a fifth omnibus of Gotrek and Felix I can't find a printed form for though (has the gosh darn Serpent Queen one bundled with it...baaaah)..

    Thanks for the info tc. That's all I got.
  • mecanojavi99#6562mecanojavi99#6562 EspañaRegistered Users Posts: 11,487
    The Charnel Congress sounds like an 80s super villain group.
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  • Nyxilis#3646Nyxilis#3646 Registered Users Posts: 7,729

    The Charnel Congress sounds like an 80s super villain group.

    I mean, that's Warhammer. Chaos losing that invasion every saturday morning.
  • Mogwai_Man#4978Mogwai_Man#4978 Registered Users Posts: 6,096

    The Charnel Congress sounds like an 80s super villain group.

    WHFB is very 1980's.
  • Itharus#3127Itharus#3127 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,483
    Vlad the Chad gonna spank little Manny and put him in his place again. Who cares what Mannfred wants to call himself? He's just a rebellious teenager of a vampire.
  • Lord_Zarkov#7252Lord_Zarkov#7252 Registered Users Posts: 2,032
    The Charnel Congress was a (significantly) updated version of the story where Gotrek and Felix interrupt Schtillman’s ritual to resurrect Mannfred after his death at Hel Fenn, in the process accidentally providing an amusing alternative virgin sacrifice.

    The original (much shorter and very different*) version was in the 4th Ed Undead AB and later reprinted by BL in a collection of G&F shorts explicitly noted to be no longer canon (I think they were all from 4th Ed ABs). It is also referenced in outline in Liber Necris and in detail in the WFRP 2nd Ed vampire sourcebook (where rules are provided for the original sacrifice, now as a vampire).

    So having Charnel Congress be his faction name does have some thematic link, though IIRC in the story the Charnel Congress itself was actually opposed to Schtillman trying to resurrect Mannfred and actually themselves wanted to resurrect Vlad (though a combination of Mannfred and G&F foiled them).

    *Schtillman trying to resurrect Mannfred by sacrificing a local woman and accidentally becoming the sacrifice himself after Gotrek kills him is the same, but literally everything else (including the location) is different.
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