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Slight siege tweaks and the minor settlement problem

totalwarfreak14#6557totalwarfreak14#6557 Registered Users Posts: 32
The minor settlement maps and most of the siege maps are fantastic and a huge upgrade from Warhammer 2!! However the system that goes along with it is a little weird I have heard a lot of people suggest that you should only build at the beginning and I agree with that.

However another huge point to me that is easily fixable I've only seen some streamers comment on is that in major settlements the middle point gives victory tickets. I'm definitely a little salty about the middle point of a city giving victory tickets because I have been saying since the blog that released about sieges that was a stupid idea. PLZ just take this out. It would make a huge difference defending major settlements. I want to have my epic defense layered throughout the city only to have to fall back to a epic last stand in the backs of these city's. They are for the most part well designed maps that have great and cool defensive positions in the back of the city so that it makes sense from a layout perspective but you cant strategically do it because you lose the siege if you loose the middle point. This small change will make a big difference please consider it. This is the main reason I'm making this post because I have not seen many others suggesting to fix this only complaining that its a thing.

As for the settlement and land battle debate I agree there are too many currently. I think it stems from the fact that the ai loves to camp in their settlements. I think I have a pretty good solution though. I think they should rework the garrison building. I suggest making settlements without any garrison building has a open field battle map like they were in the past. Then a tier two garrison building adds the garrison but they are still land battles. Finally tier three adds more troops and the minor settlement map. Just forget adding walls completely. You guys put fantastic work into developing these maps don't be afraid to make them their own thing. The minor settlements don't have to be turned into walled sieges. Leave that for the major citys. This way there's more land battles because the ai doesn't always build the garrison building even in the late game so when they try to sit in the settlements its still a big brawl land battle. They still do it enough where there will be plenty of minor settle battles too. This will help break up the early game slog of minor settlement battle after minor settlement battle too because there are far less garrison buildings since its early game. I think its also possible to make it a minor settlement battle map at a tier two garrison as well because the ai either builds the building or they don't. I would prefer it at tier two because these maps are fun to defend and then I wouldn't have to wait till tier 3. I have seen plenty of other people also suggest variations of this and I really think it will fix the problem.

Finally don't be shy with the wall breaker attribute. Its very cool and it allows players to avoid going through those small buggy gates. I definitely want it on more large SEM. Last I checked greater demons of nurgle and soul grinders were not able to beat down a wall and I think all large monsters should get that ability. Its super fun and allows less interaction with the buggy pathing and gates. I would also consider adding it to other monstrous infantry as well if ogres can do it I don't see why trolls, crypt ghouls, fmir and skinwolves cant either.


  • GeorgeTruman#8059GeorgeTruman#8059 Registered Users Posts: 684
    I have to say its pretty funny that they actually call it "Victory Tickets" and not something else.

    "Commander the enemy has accumulated one hundred and fifty Victory Tickets! Defeat it nigh!"
  • Haze64#2793Haze64#2793 Registered Users Posts: 650
    One change I desperately want is for magic ladders to go. They make sieges so samey for every faction and also make siege towers completely worthless. There’s absolutely no need for decision making with what you build pre-siege since every infantry unit can swarm the walls and climb them no hassle.
  • totalwarfreak14#6557totalwarfreak14#6557 Registered Users Posts: 32
    Ya I agree. I can still have fun with the ladders but they definitely dampen the strategic element of holding the walls. I realized I should have put this post into feedback so I remade it and put in in there too. I added that giving more units wall breaker could allow them to get rid of ladders because it would be far less likely for the ai to get stuck outside with no way in
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