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Modding Advice: Extracting WH3 Models to Blender?/Optimal modding 3D software?

CrimsonDisk1138CrimsonDisk1138 Registered Users Posts: 2
I've shopped this question around on steam forums and r/totalwar but have yet to get any feedback. Online there are video guides and dedicated plugins for doing this with WH2, but the primary program for this (PackFileManager) is not going to be updated for WH3- and attempting to access the models via it just results in a fragmented mess. My collaboration partner on this has been awol for half the year, so I unfortunately have been unable to get this figured out on my own. I have the main model viewer program and the asseteditor, but I haven't ever bridged the gap between those, and getting the models and mesh-data into Blender.

I primarily wished to make some short videos with the models and work on cosmetic mods (okay so maybe I want Skarbrand in supreme drip) and I'm most familiar with Blender, but the roadblocks I've had the past few months are making it progressively less viable for this project.

So, my actual line of questioning, is what is the optimal method for extracting Warhammer III models for animation or editing and rigging, preferably to Blender but barring that; the most compatible program available (I'll leave that to your discretion)
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