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cathain armies

thomasm0110thomasm0110 Registered Users Posts: 10

for me there should be a northern army against chaos a militia of light troopers to back them

and a southern style army for the climate of the south against the lizardmen and beast men

artiiary like ming and qing style and lore and as well the monaky king as a faction or unit


  • pblllrr#9773pblllrr#9773 Registered Users Posts: 310
    There won't be any Qing style.
    We know a bunch of units from the south we'll almost certainly get, including monks, monkeys, tigermen, mini-phoenixes, forest cultures and steppe cultures. We don't know much about the east though. Then there's also the "universal" stuff like jade lions, temple guardians, spirit qilin and onyx crowmen. Certainly enough for two DLCs at least.
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