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Empire heavy cavalry should not be faster than Bretonnian or High Elven heavy cavalry.

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In the custom battles showcases of the early build of IE it seems that the Empire's heavy cavalry's speed was buffed to 78 (I also heard that the Jade Lancer's speed was also buffed like that though I didn't check yet). Brettonia's and the High Elves' heavy cavalry stayed the same speed though (75 for Bretonnia and 78 for High Elves) and I heard that Kislev heavy cav stayed the same as well (again, didn't check). Please change this. Lore-wise Bretonnian and Elven steeds are faster than the breeds of the rest of the Old World, and it was also a neat way to make these factions' cavalry stand out. If you have to buff the Empire's and Cathay's heavy cav's speed please make sure that the Brets and Helves are faster. For example: Make the Empire's, Kislev's and Cathay's heavy cav speed 75 but buff the Brets to 78. Ideally the difference would be more substantial than that, but I understand that it is important for these heavy cav units to be faster for balance (though I don't understand why Kislev was left out). I also understand that this is not the complete build for IE yet, I just wanted to express my concern regarding this subject. Thank you.
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