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Idea battle AI behavior based on commander/Lord

Darksteel83#1113Darksteel83#1113 Registered Users Posts: 470
What do you guys think about this idea? The AI behavior will be based on the commander/Lord.
A very aggressive commander will always attack.
A very defensieve commander will almost always defend. Unless being the attacker and have no ranged or magic.
This way you get more variation in your battles. I use the word commander because garrisons have no lords and might have no heroes.

If this AI behavior affects possible cheeses a lot. It might a good idea for harder difficulty when the commanders get random behavior. So a player cannot predict so well what the AI would do.

This is more a long term idea. I am not suggesting to do this soon.

Any idea about other behaviors beside aggressiveness that could be used and be fun? I am thinking about sneaky or something like that. Where the AI tries to place units behind your troops. Optional when the Lord dies or flees another commander takes over and the AI behavior can change.


  • Wunderb0r#2088Wunderb0r#2088 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,215
    I mean we have this in the form of "faction personality" and I think your idea would require this system to just get shifted to a commander-level and honestly and I dont see the appeal in that.
    ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
  • GloatingSwine#8098GloatingSwine#8098 Registered Users Posts: 2,553
    TBH I think they should vary the behaviours more with battle difficulty.

    On easier difficulties the AI should hang back more, it should take more goading to make it advance, and as the difficulty goes up it should be more aggressive up to Very Hard where it will go full WAAAAAGH! all the time.

    It should include extra behaviours around stealth. In Warhammer 3 and Troy the AI will already go and look in the last place it saw a hidden unit when one disappears, but on higher difficulties (Hard+) it should have a scouting pattern it runs when it knows that there are units it can't see. With a lower threshold for number of hidden units to trigger it on Very Hard.

    Troy has a response for this in sieges, if it can't see at least half your army it will deploy to cover all approaches to a walled city, if it can see half+1 unit it will not. It would also help against stealth-capping in sieges. (Though frankly walled settlement battles should just lose the capture tickets, just give a debuff to the defender when you own strategic locations but make the attacker actually fight for the city not benny hill it with N'kari or win by tickets with one unit of gorgers.)

    The more passive the AI is at the start of a battle, the easier it is for the player to defeat. The more active and aggressive it is the more its ability to maintain micro of all of its units all of the time is an advantage.*

    It should do this instead of just having statistical cheats. Same stats, but with more aggression on higher difficulties because aggression is what reduces the player's advantages (Possibly also give it a way to deal with corner camps like giving it a defined "breakthrough" unit in its script and having it concentrate those on a flank border so that it can schwerpunkt into the corner camp and disrupt it, or move its artillery into range and stop its whole army unless/until it takes return fire if it detects the bulk of the player's units close to the map. Again it should start using these tricks on Hard+ battle difficulty.

    *If you want a really good example of this look at Legend's stream from last night and the battle against Kholek. If the AI had just full charged at the start of the battle that would have been 100% unwinnable, if it had had a routine for finding hidden units when it knew it couldn't see a whole army, the battle would have been unwinnable.
  • lcmiracle#6727lcmiracle#6727 Registered Users Posts: 1,013
    I've always like the Mount & Blade warband procedural lord personalities. It governs the army-leading lords' political calculations, strategic decisions, player-dealing and inter-NPC attitudes, and battle behaviours

    On higher combat difficulties, IRRC a lord without the impulsive or daring traits would for their army in one formation and slowly approach the opposing line (equivelant to the player telling all units to 'follow me!' and slowly walk towards them. The game would auto-adjust the enemy's facing to the center-of-mass of the opposing line.

    An impulsive commander would just charge, like on lower difficulties. This makes picking off their cavalry very easy.
  • saweendra#3399saweendra#3399 Registered Users Posts: 19,328
    I agree .

    Also it should be tied to difficulty level. At higher difficulty Ai should start to use scounting to make counter builds to your amries
    Use vanguard tactics. Use flank over loads. Use onion tactics....etc. and try to imitate commonly used tactics in land battles by players.

    #givemoreunitsforbrettonia, my bret dlc

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